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Uclan international students events are organised by King's Church All uclan students and visiting scholars are welcome to join any of our activities, and King's Church has had a special interest in those from China and Malaysia.

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Anyone, of any or no religion, can come to any of our activities. Here are some of the activities:

Friday meetingsThursday Meetings - Free food, various items and a talk in English and Mandarin Find out about England and the Christian faith that is its heritage although Christianity is not merely a "Western religion".

Sunday serviceSunday Service - Transport each Sunday at 10am from uclan Foster car park if you want to come and experience our informal and friendly Sunday service – preceded by coffee and refreshments. There is no need to book to come.

OutingsOutings - We offer free transport to come with us on a walk and visit to a place of interest. We pick you up from uclan, though you need to register for this transport - registration can be done at any of our meetings.

House Groups for UCLAN international studentsHouse Groups - Meeting in an English home on a weeknight evening: chatting together with refreshments, singing, discussion, and a brief time when those who wish can share things to pray about.

Special eventsSpecial Events - Special traditional British events through the year such as Bonfire night, a Carol Service and New Years Eve Party.

Angela sharing about the activities organised by King's Church

Angela sharing about international student activities organised by Kings Church如果你想认识一些中国英国朋友, 并与他们发展健康的友谊关系, 欢迎来. 如果你有兴趣知道2000年前发生了什么, 西方国家的宗教意识是怎么形成的, 这其中包含哪些历史文化背景, 欢迎来与我们讨论. 又或者你有自信自己是绝对的无神论者, 欢迎来跟我们辩论 (英国茶供应).

If you want to meet some friends who are Chinese and English, and develop healthy friendships with them, come to King’s Church. If you are interested in what happened 2000 years ago, how Christianity developed in Western countries including the UK, and what were the Historical and Cultural background, come to talk to us. Or if you are confident that you are an absolute atheist, come and debate with us (English tea provided).!