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House Group

House Group International House Group House Group for International Students

After getting to know us a little on the Thursday nights, we will be encouraging those interested to join a weekly "housegroup". These are a mixture of Chinese and English people, meeting in an English home on a weeknight evening. The evening involves some chatting together with refreshments, singing, discussion, and a brief time when those who wish can share things to pray about.

The initial discussion topics will involve issues in which English and Chinese culture may be compared – and you can try out your English!

  • Wedding and Marriage
  • Children and Family

The housegroups will continue after this ro met each week with different discussion topics. Most of them this year will do a specially produced course Introduction to Christianity. This has been specially written for you in English but with a lot of Mandarin translations and helps. Each evening also includes some food, a lot of socialising and talking with English and Chinese people, and enjoying being together. There are likely to be different housegroups on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening, so that there will be a time to suit everyone. You will benefit the most by making a commitment to come every week when possible, though we recognise that sometimes pressures of work make this difficult.

One group meets on Mondays in a home near the university, the others are in homes in the suburbs, and you will be collected from Preston town centre around 7-7.15pm and returned to your home at the end of the evening.

Do take opportunity on Thursday nights to talk with Chinese students who came last year about their experiences in housegroups, and decide whether you would like to join one.

House Group for Students Home Group with International Students

International students experience of the House group


Rihanna sharing about the King's Church international student house group一年前,我到了这个陌生的城市开始一段新的生活。在网络上我找到了King’s Church并且参加了一个家庭聚会。这里的每一个人都像家人一样的对待我,帮助我。在这个家庭聚会里,我知道了一些当地的文化,了解了一个不同的宗教还结交了一些好朋友。有时我们一起读圣经讨论彼此不同的意见。周末的时候,我们常常一起出去野餐或者是游览一些有趣的地方。一年后,我爱上了在Preston的生活,和朋友们一起享受着在King’s Church里的快乐的时光和美好的记忆

One year ago, I came here to begin a new life in Preston. I found out about King’s Church on the internet and went to a house group. Everyone in the house group treats and helps me like my family. In the house group, I came to know some local culture, a different religion and to make some good friends. Sometimes we read the bible and talk about different opinions with each other. On the weekend, we often go out for a picnic or visiting some interesting places. One year later, I love the life in Preston and enjoy the happy hours and good memories with my friends in King’s Church.


Andy sharing about the international student house group当我恐惧的迷失在这个完全陌生国家的时候,我幸运的被这些可爱天使围绕,并且通过他们,有丰丰富富的得着。Housegroup中的小吃饱足了我们的身体,从圣经而来的美妙且意义的话语却更是打开了我们的心灵。在这里,我不仅仅收获了宝贵的友谊,更为重要的是,我找到了生命的意义。当你踏入一个孤单的冰冷国家的时候,不要迷茫,我亲爱的朋友,从我们Housegroup而来的爱将引领你归家。来吧,参与我们的Housegroup,享受,感受,并找到真正的快乐!

When I was lost in a totally strange Country with fear, I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by these lovely angels. Through them, I have been fully blessed in every provision. Within the Housegroup, the snacks satisfy our bodies, but the elegant and meaningful words from the bible open our mind and spirit. I have gained not only the amazing friendship in it, but more I found the purpose of life. When you step into a lonely cold country, don't be perplexed, my dear friend, the love from our Housegroup will lead you Home. Come, join in, enjoy it, be joyful, and rejoice!


Zero sharing about the international student house group其實,開篇我想引用一位我在美國朋友的話:"她說,'你不必在乎這一年取得怎樣的成績,憂愁困頓也好,傷心迷茫也好,孤獨寂寞也好,但是你認識了神,這是你人生一輩子的財富.' 如果說,走到神面前是上帝安排好的事情,那麼king's Church就是一把鑰匙,熱忱的把上帝的話語,上帝的做工帶到我的面前,首先讓我認清自己的罪過,再者給我豐盛的力量去面對一切的挑戰... king's Church更是爲了中國學生做了很多很多的事情,他們事實上是個小教會,但是他們也有僅僅的資源,為上帝做工,彰顯上帝的愛,為中國學生服務,真的很感謝他們,感謝上帝...

I want to begin with some words my friend who is in America has told me, she says, ‘you don’t need to be too bothered about what you can accomplish in this year. Even if you have worries or get hurt, feel confused or lonely, most importantly you have known God, which is the treasure for a lifelong.’ If God has arranged me to come to him, King’s Church is the key to open the door. People there enthusiastically do God’s work and speak God’s words to me, make me realize my sins and then give me strength to face the challenges… They use their limited resources to do so many things for Chinese students, regardless they are actually a small church, and make God’s love known to many by serving the students. I am really grateful to them and I want to thank God.


Isabella sharing about the international student house group虽然在国内已经了解了关于耶稣和基督的一些知识,但是真真正正深入了解是从2009年8月,参加King‘s church的活动开始。 一直很感激阿Paul和Janice细心的照顾,一个人出门在外的,没有了父母的关心和照顾,迷茫、彷徨浮现于心。通过King’s Church的Sunday Service、House Group和Walking,让我结识了很多很棒的朋友,同时提高了我的英语口语水平,更让我感受到了无限的爱。一开始参加的是Bill和Fiona的周三的House Group,让我永远记得是Fiona勇敢对抗病魔的毅力和决心。下半年我转到了Paul和Janice的House Group,通过他们的House Group,让我学习了2000年前的圣经知识。是怎么样一股力量使得阿Paul和Janice如此执着于King‘s Church? 我想是主的力量,从他们的身上让我充分的体会到上帝对我们的爱。我想我会一直记住King's Church里面一群可爱的天使的!

Although I have had a little knowledge about Jesus Christ before I came to England, the first time for me to have a good chance to learn and understand Christianity was from August 2009, when I started joining in all kinds of activities in King’s church. I have always been grateful for Paul & Janice’s care when I m away from home alone without my parents’ love and support. I was confused and anxious. But through the Sunday service, Housegroup study and Walks organised by King’s church, I made a lot of good friends and practised my English well. Most importantly it made me feel loved. At first I joined Bill & Fiona’s housegroup, I will always remember how determinedly and bravely Fiona fights with her illness. I moved to Paul & Janice’s group later that year and through their teachings I have learnt the knowledge from Bible 2000 years ago. I wonder what’s this strength keeps Paul and Janice going. I think it must be from God. I have fully experienced God’s love through them. I think I will always remember the angels from King’s church.


Yolanda sharing about the international student house group与King's Church 结缘是我在英国的最大收获之一。跟着Paul一起去waking让我体会了英国乡村的自然风光,同时也认识了很多教会里善良热情的朋友。每周三晚上去Neil家参加Housegroup是我在preston这一年中最为重视也是最有意义的活动之一。我们聚在一起学习圣经,讨论彼此的学习生活,感情家庭等等,他们让我感觉到在异国他乡被关心被惦记着。当然,也是Neil一家人,让我离上帝更近一步,让我学会在困难无助的时候向上帝祈祷,得到上帝的爱。感谢King's Church。

Being able to know people from King’s church was one of my most important harvests from England. I had the chance to experience the natural beauty of English villages from Church Walks, and meet many kind and enthusiastic friends in the church. Every Wednesday night I went to Neil’s housegroup, which was one of my most valued and meaningful activities in last year’s life in Preston. We gathered together to study the Bible; discuss life, study, and family issues. They made me feel so much cared in this foreign country. Of course it is Neil’s family makes me closer to God, learn to Pray to God when being in trouble, and I feel God’s love. I thank King’s Church.


Josephine sharing about the international student house groupKing's Church 的人非常nice,有任何困难,他们都会帮忙 他们会组织各种活动,丰富课余生活,如walk,housegroup等等 在每周的housegroup活动中,唱歌,学习圣经,和聊天都能很好的锻炼口语 在组织的walk中,不仅能领略英国不同小镇的风光,还能买到各种各样新奇的东西 反正一句话,我不后悔参加King's Church

The people in King’s Church are really nice. They are very helpful when you have troubles. They organise different activities which enriched my life, such as Church Walks and Housegroup meetings. In every week’s housegroup, singing, studying the Bible and chatting with people gave me opportunities to practise my oral English. In Church Walks, not only I could see different beautiful English towns I also got chance to buy many novel gadgets. In one sentence, I don’t regret joining King’s Church.


Jerry sharing about the international student house group跟中国、英国的朋友分享每周一晚的时间对我来说是一个很不错的经历。我已经在Preston参加Housegroup接近两年了,从来没觉得乏味,反而一直有新鲜的东西让我学习跟分享。我真心推荐Housegroup给你们,特别是对想学习西方文化和结交中英朋友的人。

It's such a great experience for me to share one night every week with both British friends and Chinese fellows. Having been enjoying housegroup for almost two years in Preston, I haven't had any dull feeling. Instead, always find something fresh for me to learn and share. I would really recommend housegroup to you, specially for the people who want to learn western culture while making new British & Chinese friends.


Joe sharing about the international student house group我去年八月来到英国,参加Housegroup是一个很好的练习英语的机会,特别是口语。我自己不仅知道了更多有关基督和上帝的知识,还跟教会的朋友相处得很好。他们还在我需要的时候给了我很大的帮助。我强烈推荐那些刚来英国的同学参加Housegroup,认识更多的人,练习英语,并且感受在中国触及不到的宗教信仰。我会继续跟Housegroup的朋友保持联系。

My name is dong sheng zhou. I came to england at august in last year. Since first time joined house group, I have spent nearly a month to join house group on every Wedensday. This is extremely a good way to practice english especially in spoken language. I found myself not only know more about jesus or god, but also get along well with people in the church. They also did me huge favour when I need some time. I strongly recommand people who just came to england to join this group, to know more people, to practice english and also to feel the different way of religion which you can't touch in china. I will continue keep in touch with people in house group and wish they good luck in the future. Sincerly. joe