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Sunday Service
Open Services All our services are open to those of any or no religion – so come along and see what it is like.
Transport A minibus leaves each Sunday at 10 am from the Foster car park to take any students or visiting scholars who wish to go the 1.8 miles to where we meet. You do not need to book in advance to come.
Format We start with coffee/tea and light refreshments and a chat. From 10.30 we have singing, one or more people will pray, and there is a talk from the pastor.
Style We have a modern style, with triple screen and a modern music group, but we are also a friendly church and it is an opportunity to meet English people. Overseas students who come are likely to be invited to one or more homes.
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Place The word “church” is often taken in England to be a building, but its real meaning is a group of people. A church does not have to meet in a special building, and we meet in the Girls High School in Penwortham.
MapHere is a map if you want to go straight there, but the minibus can pick you up from uclan Foster Building at 10 am  if you prefer.



How Lotus has enjoyed King's Church

Lotus sharing about King's Church2008年8月,我从上海对外贸易学院到了英国中兰开夏大学。那是我第一次远离家乡去异国求学,心里充满了期待,欣喜,迷茫,恐惧。在我来英国的第一个礼拜天,我就来到了king's Church。在教会我认识了许多朋友,他们不仅帮助我提高英语交流能力,而且在生活,学习方面给了我许多指导和帮助。我在paul家度过了愉快最难忘的圣诞节,在John家参加了他们的housegroup学习圣经知识,让我受益匪浅。我感到自己非常的幸运能够认识king's church, 他们陪伴着我在英国的每个星期,并且让我深刻体会到上帝的爱!

I went to UCLan from SHIFT at Aug2008. It was the first time that I got so far away from home, and studied in such a different country. I felt excited, and also afraid. I went to King's church in the first Sunday after I arrived the UK.

Fortunately, I made many good friends in the King's church, who helped a lot in my life, and let me practice English communication. I experienced a wonderful Christmas at Paul's home, and attended John's housegroup to join Bible study every Tuesday, which was meaningful and unforgettable. I am really lucky enough to know King's church, which let me know the amazing glory of God!