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Thursday Meetings
Thursday evening meetings for International students: Food, Talk, Discussion
WhatKing’s Church organizes a series of meetings on Thursday nights. Each involves free food from 6pm, followed by various items and presentaitons ans a powerpoint based talk in English translated into Mandarin. There is a series but each one is open to any student or visiting scholar to come to.

WhoThe talks will be given by Dr Paul Marston, a uclan senior lecturer who has masters degrees both in theology and in the history and philosophy of science.



Remember that each one involves free food and the opportunity to talk some English with English people! You can come to just one or as many as you like.

Date Topic Areas Covered
25 Aug 2011 Welcome to UK Various inputs and items from present and recent past Chinese students – informal chatting and some feedback from them. A powerpoint talk "Introduction to King's Church" in English translated into Mandarin.
1 Sept 2011 Science and God Varous inputs and items and a talk asking what does science tell us about the physical world – and how does this relate to Christian beliefs?
8 Sept 2011 Jesus and the Bible Varous inputs and items and a talk about what do Christians believe about the Bible and how it teaches us about the person and nature of Jesus?
15 Sept 2011
Life’s Purpose Varous inputs and items and a talk asking what is the most important thing in our lives?

During these four weeks, please think about joining one of our housegroups - you can talk to students who came last year. Each housegroups will meet weekly in an English home.



In the Salvation Army Church Centre which is opposite Whitendale Hall.